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Hussain Omer

What are the chances of considering Computer Science in Waterloo?

Hello, I am in grade 11 as of now but I would like to know if I have a good shot at waterloo’s computer science program based on my current grades. I knoe extracurriculars also count heavily as you need a good AIF to stand out, but I have been working on getting my extra curriculars up, for now they are mediocore. Things like tutoring, volunteer jobs…etc. Based on my grades do I have a shot? Functions: 90% Entrepreneurship (college and high school course) – 100% computer science – 97% Accounting – 97% English – 82% Chemistry: 89% Commtech: 87% Compart: 93%

1 Answer

  1. Gr. 11 doesn’t matter, so you can’t really put too much stock in those grades as things as drastically change when you get to gr. 12. Ask again after your fall interim report card comes out.

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