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What are my chances of getting into Schulich? Where else do you think I could get in for business in ontario?

Hi, I am going into grade 12 in September and am starting to get nervous about university applications. I would consider myself a hard worker and want to know if I have a shot at getting into Schulich bba, as it is my first choice.
  • I have completed advanced functions during grade 11, but wasn’t too happy with my grade (81%)
  • I think that I could attain a 90%+ in data management and english (as they are pre-reqs and I love english lol)
  • My other 3 course to contribute to the 6 are computer science, french, and religion, and I think I can attain at least a 95% in all three (i am currently taking religion online in summer school)
I am also involved with ECs:
  • DECA President
  • Executive of Social Justice team
  • Senior Mentor (I was a grade 11 mentor and got an advancement)
  • 2 year Student Senator for my school board
  • Student Council
  • I have also competed in business related case study competitions, and have been involved with many leadership conferences
Do I have enough ECs to stand out, should I add anything else? Do I have a chance at Schulich? I appreciate any help! 🙂

4 Answers

  1. Why would you elect to be the leader of an SJW club? That’s the polar opposite of what business is about. Shouldn’t you apply to peace and conflict studies instead?

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  2. If you’re getting 90 in Data and English and 95 in your other 3, that gives you a top 6 average of 91, which is pretty solid. I can only speak about the places I applied and got in: Ivey, Queens, and Laurier. Your average gives you a shot at all three, essentially you’d be guaranteed Laurier but how you write your EC essays would determine Queens or Ivey. Focus on explaining your impact on others, because titles really don’t matter. Talk about how you took initiative, showed commitment, was a leader, demonstrated being part of a team, etc. Good luck!

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