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What are my chances of admission in Engineering?

What What are my chances of addmistion in engineering at University of alberta, university of calgary, university of victoria, western university, university of ottawa, and macmasters university? Chemistry 20 ap:90 Physics 20 ap:82 Math 30 ap:93 la 20-1: 80 Math 31 ap: not yet complete (aiming for high 80’s) Early admission average: 86 Admission average:I should be able to improve my marks in grade 12 (particularly in physics 30 ap) and obtain an 87 final admission average. Also, do university’s look at your ap test marks? Thanks for your help

1 Answer

  1. Dude, you can look up competitive admission averages on each school’s website, it’s not hard. And yeah, AP exam scores are looked it, but certain programs may not allow you to transfer for first year credit if you get a 4/5, you need to look up individual policies.

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