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What are my chances in engineering at these university’s?

With an admissions average of around 86-88% what are my chances of getting into mechanical engineering in University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Victoria, University of Ottawa, Mcmaster University, Western University, and Queen’s University? Btw I attend high school in Alberta and was wondering if we still get a average boost at certain university’s? My current subjects this school year (grade 11) Semester 1 Physics 20 ap: 86% Chemistry 20 ap: 87% Social 20-1: 90% Semester 2 (estimated) Math 30 ap: 92% English 20-1: 80% I also expect at least an 84% in math 31 ap in grade 12   Thanks!!!!      

6 Answers

  1. my friend just got his early acceptance for western and UOttawa engineering with a 95% avg. you might want to try to get your average to around low 90s but I definitely think you have a chance!

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  2. I suggest dropping ap, since universities don’t care at all about ap. Seeing you’re doing relatively well in ap means you will do much better in regular university level courses. For grade 12 switch out of ap and your average will definitely be in the mid 90s.

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  3. Depending on the universities, they have a different cut off average. Double-check on their website. For Western eng, fill out the CONNECT profile since you are around cut off!

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  4. With your averages I would recommend dropping the AP and work on community action. You will most likely get accepted into any of the above universities if you have an average which is around 90% and get a few community roles which make an impact, volunteer and lead clubs, try and join some sports club.

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  5. I think you should try to apply to every mentioned above. Also, you can do more practice. My friend has developed her writing skills during the work for freebooksummary (Hamlet, Anowa analysis, etc.) I think that such experience also gives her an advantage during the applying. Wish you good luck!

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