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What are my chances at getting into Uvic Music & Computer Science?

So I kinda messed up this term big time, and unless there’s a miracle for me, I don’t know if I have much of a shot at UBC, which is my top choice. I’m wondering if I have a good shot at Uvic (my second choice) for Music & Computer Science.

Pre-Calc 12: 73%
Calc: 79
English: 87%
Physics: 59% (yeah…)
AP Computer Science: 92%
French 12: 78%
Law: 91%

Unweighted Average: 79%

That being said, I just recently self reported for the degree and, since they didn’t demand to self report every single grade, I reported the available high marks I have and according to the system, my estimated average is 85.75%.

My supplemental application included:
-7 years of drumming
-Coding experience with C#, Java, and Python
-Some amateur experience in writing and mastering music
-My soundcloud + a song from the 80s I fan remastered

1 Answer

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