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Western Waitlist

“Although we are unable to offer you admission to the program at this time, we are able to offer you a place on the Waitlist. Should spaces become available, offers will be extended to candidates who accept a position on this list.”   Does anyone know if that’s a high, normal, or low waitlist letter? Also, due to the current covid-19 situation do you guys think that the waitlists will move quicker since a lot of people will defer?

1 Answer

  1. That’s just a generic response. They don’t change it depending on where you are in the queue. Also, this can vary widely depending on the program since the number of seats are different. You have to understand that just because someone is accepted to the program, that does not necessarily mean they will choose to attend the school. Many will not attend and go elsewhere which will inevitably free up availability. All you can do now is play the waiting game.

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