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Western Med Sci + Ivey AEO + Scholar’s Electives or McMaster Health Sci

Hi everyone, I just first wanna say that I’m new to uthink and I originally thought I could post things anonymously, but I guess not, so I made this random account. I just didn’t want anyone thinking that I wanted to brag; I’m really sincere in that I need some help deciding. Anyways, I’ve had the privilege to be accepted into med sci with AEO and scholar’s electives, but I recently also got an offer to McMaster health sci. I know there will be a lot of subjectivity as to which uni would be better depending on my goals, but so far, I am looking towards going to medical school. The reason why I applied for Ivey AEO was almost as a backup in case med didn’t work out for me, and I also heard that the scholar’s electives program is an amazing research experience. On the other hand, there seems to be a lot of hype for McMaster health sci, but I’m really not sure if that single program could be better than all the opportunities I have been granted at Western, especially with respect to a path to med school. If anyone could give me some insight as to the realistic benefits that going to Western under my conditions have over McMaster (or vice versa), I would really really appreciate it. Thank you all so much.

33 Answers

  1. Is this a troll post? Either u wanna do business or u wanna try to get into med kid. A basic google search can show you what both of these programs have to offer.

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  2. It’s unbelievable how high schoolers who get accepted to these programs can’t even be bothered to do their own research. There are hundreds of threads already discussing these programs all over the internet. You can even go on the Canadian premed101 forum and hear directly from med students and doctors.
    1) McMaster health science is a GOLDEN ticket to med school. I’m not sure what more you need to hear than that, and what “opportunities” you think you need or will be exposed to as an undergraduate student (who is really not qualified to do anything in sciences) in another science program. Mac has 50-60% of its class every year go into med school. These are mindboggling stats given the fact that med school acceptance rates are less than 5%. The rest end up in various other programs like graduate school, veterinary medicine, dentistry, law, pharmacy, etc.
    2) Mac health sci is known for its grade inflation where its sole purpose is to feed students into med school. The program was created for this sole purpose. Only a fool who wants to go to med school would turn down an offer like that.
    3) It is clear that you’ve done no research into med sci. The program doesn’t actually start until 3rd year, so if you go into Ivey in 3rd year, you will no longer be in med sci. The first two years at Western are general sci with everyone else. These degrees are useless – health sci, med sci, life sci, neurosci, etc. are all useless degrees meant for people who want to pursue further graduate or professional school. But the number of students that actually end up doing this is very few (less than 25% according to stats canada).
    4) Look, normally I would not take the time to type all this out, but I’m doing you a major favour right now from potentially ruining your future. Less than 20% of Western med sci’s class WHO ACTUALLY GRADUATE from the program make it to med school (this stat is directly on their website). Med sci accepts 800 students for 500 spots. That should tell you something. At least 300 students do not make it into the 3rd year of the program. This is info that you could have easily read up online.
    5) If you are serious about med school and your future you need to take the time to actually do some research. I would expect nothing less from a student that has the capability to get into these programs.
    6) As for Ivey, it is a good program but you only do it for business – not if you want to go to med school (though you still could out of Ivey). But when you have an offer to Mac health sci why would you accept a shyt program like med sci anyways?
    7) Use the search function and actually do some research –

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  3. Wait I can’t tell if this is legit…. but go for Mac. The fact that you even posted on here, like going to Mac health sci is basically an in to med school.

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    a) Western Med Sci student here.
    b) Don’t be fooled by the program name- Med Sci does NOT give you a greater chance in getting into medical school. It’s a difficult and rigorous program, and quite tough to get a 4.0. If you are not prepared to work hard and want to get a high GPA with less time and effort, look elsewhere.
    c) The program doesn’t actually start until third year, and in your first two years you will be taking the same classes as general science students. Note that approximately 800 students are admitted to med sci 1 (first year) yet there are only ~500 spaces in year 3.
    d) However, with hard work and discipline, it is still possible to do very well (3.9+). You are competing with some of the brightest minds and are surrounded by students with the same goals as you which provides a good culture if you’re set on professional school. I will agree that the program does a good job in preparing you for the MCAT and medical school content itself, but it does not increase/reduce your chances of getting into med school. It’s a great program if you’re interested in phys, pharm, immunology, pathology, etc.
    e) For your undergrad, study something you are truly passionate about, and you will excel. It does not matter where you do your undergrad or what you choose to study for medical schools. If you believe that med sci gives you the opportunities and challenges you want, then go for it!

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  5. In conclusion, I think you need to differentiate between a VOCATIONAL TRAINING COLLEGE like medical school – whole sole purpose is to train you to be a physician/surgeon and RESEARCH and ACADEMIA (which most programs like Western med sci are tailored to). Med school has absolutely nothing to do with scientific research. Its sole purpose is to train you in the practicals of being a doctor. Which is why a) they dont care what undergrad you do, b) med schools have little to no prerequisite courses, AND c) some schools do not even require the MCAT! The problem is that med school acceptance rates in Canada are less than 5%. See the Total Applicants and First Year enrollment columns to get an idea of how many people apply to the number of seats available Lastly, you can look up med school admissions statistics on each of their websites. U of T med has a median of 3.96 out of 4.0. This is a near impossible GPA to attain in most programs for most people. So why do you think U of T med is filled with Mac health sci grads? Because Mac health sci is pretty unfair program that boosts all their students’ GPAs to get into med school. THIS is the reason why the program is so popular. Not because it does anything differently. The PROGRAM ITSELF IS DESIGNED TO GET STUDENTS INTO CANADIAN MEDICAL SCHOOLS. PERIOD.

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  6. Hey anonymousyoda, this isn’t an answer LOL, but i’m in a similar situation and was wondering what you eventually decided to go with?

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    • I recently decided to go to McMaster health sci. I had to be honest with myself and my future. I knew that business (even as a backup) was probably not my passion, and I also know that I realistically don’t have too much interest for research (with Scholar’s Electives) either. I know that health sci doesn’t prepare you for med school directly, but the people you meet, the problem-based learning approach, and the opportunity for more electives and (presumably) more time to explore ECs that are both beneficial to med school and my interests are just a few example of things that I think will help with my career path and my overall uni experience. The smaller classes (i.e. for inquiry classes) and dedicated health sci resources (i.e. health sci library, 24/7 access to anatomy facilities shared with researchers, doctors, surgeons, and medical residents only) once again, also appealed to my career choices. However, I really see how this choice isn’t based on which program is “better.” It’s only matter of which program is better FOR YOU. So being honest with myself, this was the choice I took.

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