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Western Early Admission Chances?

Hi! I’m a grade 12 Alberta student. I’m kinda nervous about my chances for early admission. I’ll be applying to engineering so I was wondering if the marks I had in grade 11 will be good enough to get admission during the early admissions round. Here are the marks: Math 30-1: 86% Physics 30: 85% Chemistry 30: 83% Social 20-1: 90% LA 20-1: 65% Please keep in mind I’m from Alberta so we get a 4% boost to our marks. But with that being said what are my chances looking like?

3 Answers

  1. I’d say you’re on the leftover end of the applicant pool, tbh. The English mark is really dragging your average down, even with a 4% bump.

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  2. Also how do you know that Alberta students get a 4% marks bump. Is that official Western policy or just hearsay?

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