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Welcome to the Health & Medical Sciences Forum

Welcome to the Health & Medical Sciences Forum! The goal of this forum is to make it simple for you to connect with other students and experts in your field. For example: • First year students might want to talk to other students in the same program at another school about their chosen field of study. • Upper year students might share their thoughts on what they “wished they knew” before they entered their program and to get advice on their future careers. • High school students might want to jump to learn more about what is ahead for them…and hopefully the advice they get will help in their decisions about what to take and where to go. Happy Postings!

2 Answers

  1. This forum is no longer separated by topic…it’s just a jumbled mess of endless threads. Plus, most people just open up their own thread when they have something to ask or share. There’s no point in creating a single thread for this unless the thread in question is pinned, which it isn’t since you’re neither a mod nor admin.

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