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Waterloo/UofT Math Early/Regular Admission

Hello, I am a grade 12 Ontario high school student who’s looking to apply for Waterloo Math or UofT Math, but I’m confused at how they look at my mark and math contest results. Currently, my top 6 marks are (including English):
  • Data Manage. 12 – 99
  • Adv. Func. 11 – 96
  • Physics 11 – 98
  • Comp. Sci. 11 – 98
  • Comp. Eng. 11 – 96
  • English 11 – 88
Total: 95.83 Avg. So my questions are:
  1. Am I likely to be accepted with this average?
  2. I’m worried about my English mark being too low. Is this going to be a problem towards my application?
  3. Since the application for early admission (if there is one for math)/regular admission is due before when grade 12 marks come out, do I submit pre-requisite grade 11 courses for required grade 12 courses?
  4. I wasn’t able to do Euclid competition in grade 11 and  I am definitely going to do it this year. If I don’t have the Euclid result in my application, will that affect my chances of getting in?
  5. How important is COMC result towards the application?
Sorry for so many questions… I just feel very overwhelmed by the whole process.

1 Answer

  1. Grade 11 marks don’t even count, dude…this is way too premature. At least wait until you have your first semester grades in hand before you start speculating.

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