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Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering 2020 Admission Chances

Hi, I have recently finished Grade 11 and want to know my chances of admittance into Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering.Here are the courses I have taken so far: ICS3U – 80 ENG3U – 92 MDM4U – 96 SCH3U – 96 SPH3U – 98 FSF3U – 88 MCR3U – 100 SCH4U – 98 SPH4U – 95 I am in the AP program at our high school and our school has NOT been on the waterloo grade inflation list recently published. I have a few extracurriculars but nothing too special and have gotten distinction awards in most University of Waterloo math contests. Any advice and or chances for acceptance into the mechatronics engineering program will be highly appreciated   Here are the courses that I have completed:  

2 Answers

  1. In terms of your marks, I think you should be alright (make sure most of your grades are in the 90s for your top 6). I have a lot of friends who made it into Mechatronics for 2019 and they said that its really important to have the grades but also job experience on your AIF or any relevant ECs like robotics. So maybe find a job now & just do what you’re passionate about.

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  2. You’re hovering below a 95, which means you have about a 45% probability of receiving an offer. AIF is key. You absolutely must demonstrate significant robotics and programming experience and interest on your AIF, as well as nail the video interview. I’m actually holding an online admissions bootcamp for Waterloo eng applicants if you’re interested.


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