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Waterloo Health Studies vs Biomedical Science

Hi, I applied to Waterloo Health Studies and Waterloo Biomedical Sciences. I’ve already been accepted to Biomedical Sciences. I think I’ll  also receive admission to Health Studies since my predicted top 6 average will be 93-94%.   I was just wondering what each program offers, and how might it help/not help medical school admissions and optometry school admission. Also, would co-op be wise if I were trying to apply to medical/optometry school since that would add an extra year to my undergrad?

3 Answers

  1. Health studies isn’t even a science program. It’s nonsensical social science masquerading as a natural science program. Also, no one cares what you study in undergrad, the important thing is GPA. Co-op won’t mean anything for med school. What can an undergrad student with a barebones background in science possibly do in the world of medicine?

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