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Waterloo Computer Science/Software Engineering

Hi, I was wondering whether or not I would have a competitive application to Waterloo Computer Science or Software Engineer. My school is a non-semestered IB school and grade 12 credits are earned over two year so I have included my tentative grade 12 marks and what I expect to get predicted. Grade 11
  1. AVI3M 94%
  2. CHW3M 93%
  3. EAE3U 94%
  4. FRA3U 94%
  5. ICS3U 97%
  6. MCR3U 93%
  7. SNC2D 94% (My school needed to restructure its credits due to IB)
Grade 12:
  1. HL History (CHY4U and CPW4U) 92% → 94%
  2. HL English Lit (EAL4U and EAE4U) 92% → 94%
  3. HL Chemistry (SCH3U and SCH4U) 88% → 92%
  4. SL French A Lang Lit (FRA4U) 85% → 88%
  5. SL Maths (MHF4U and MCV4U) 92% → 96%
  6. SL Physics (SPH3U and SPH4U) 96%
  7. Theory of Knowledge (HZT4U) 96%
  8. Ontario Computer Science (ICS4U) 96%
For CS, my top 6 is currently 94% and I expect to be able to get a 95.3% if all goes to plan. For SE, my top 6 is currently 92% and I expect to be able to get a 95% if all goes to plan. I got a 60/75 on the Junior CCC. I also do air cadets and I volunteer on a healthcare and arts app development team for ECs so I think I’m set for the AIF. I know SQL, Java and HTML and I have some experience working with blockchain. Also wondering if they will take into account that my courses are IB courses (especially for HL Chemistry).

2 Answers

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