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Hussain Omer

Waterloo Application Question (Would Waterloo see my grade 11 math mark or grade 12’s?)

Hello, I have Advanced Functions in Quadmester 2 (since we doing online learning, its divided up into four quadmesters, quadmester 2 is part of semester 1), and so since we are able to apply to Universities when we get our pins in either late October or early November, I do not want the University I would be applying to see my Grade 11 Functions (3U) mark, I only want them to see my Advanced Functions (4U) mark and make their decision based on that, so should I still apply as soon as I get my pin or should I wait until the midterms are out for Advanced Functions (4U) and University is able to see that? Even if I apply early, would the University see my Functions (3U) final mark or Advanced Functions (4U) mark? Thanks, I also asked this to my grade 12 counsellor but what do you guys say? Since some of you are already in Uni. Also, I am talking about the University of Waterloo

This is what Waterloo said when I asked them:

“Thank you for your interest in the University of Waterloo. Offers in March are only given to extremely strong students. They are based off of first term marks and your grade 11 marks to predict grade 12 performance. Typically students also have some of their required classes in first term ie. it would be unlikely you would get an early offer if all of your math courses were in second term”

“Students who apply at the beginning of the application period (ie. October 2020) will be considered equally to students who apply at the end of the application period (ie. end of January 2021) for the March round”

1 Answer

  1. If you know anything about how OUAC operates, all gr. 11 and 12 marks are listed on there for universities to see. There is no deception or cover-up. But just because they can see those grades, doesn’t mean it’ll affect their admission decision. No one cares about gr. 11.

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