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Want to Transfer from York University (Bachelor Of Arts) to Ryerson (Bachelor Of Commerce)

Hi, I’m about to start my first day at York University. I am currently Undeclared Major. I want to transfer over to Ryerson for Business Technology Management. I originally lacked the Math grade to get into the program. While doing University can I take Data Management that it may be added to my High school transcript. For when I apply for a transfer I will have the math grade from high school and University grades.

2 Answers

  1. No, that’s not how it works. If you want to transfer, you’ll need to take math under a university curriculum. Once you leave high school, those grades become irrelevant.

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  2. Actually there are two ways you can go about this situation. 1) you can transfer using university transcripts just get the prerequisite courses and marks 2) you can the necessary high school courses get the marks and use your high school transcripts instead!

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