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Victory Lap? (Ottawa Nursing Cutoff?)

I applied for nursing at Ottawa, Windsor and Brock. I got into Windsor and Brock, but was rejected from Ottawa, does anyone know what the cutoff was? I had a pretty high average and was confident that I was going to get in. I am now unsure what I want to do next year. I had my heart set on Ottawa and it worked out well because I have family about 15 minutes away from campus (I live about 6 hours away from Ottawa). I am considering going to Windsor or doing a victory lap to retake a couple courses and work more. I heard that Windsor isn’t a good school compared to others, and I don’t know what the city is like in general. I don’t feel like I am ready to go to university yet due to my poor mental health but everyone is telling me that I’ll be wasting a year going back to high school since I got in somewhere. I’m running out of time to decide and I could really use some advice.

1 Answer

  1. The cutoff for nursing at the main campus was a 90% average. If you did want to reapply next year keep in mind uOttawa offers our nursing program at three different campuses. To increase your chances of admissions we suggest that you apply to all three next year. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask us directly.

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