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UVic or SFU Engineering

Im an international student that came from a large, dense city. I recently got accepted into UVic and SFU, got waitlisted for UBC Vanc. All of which are for engineering. I was wondering which university is just better overall as well as the cities they are both in. ie. Vancouver and Victoria. Im also an avid sailor. I’ve heard UVic has a better student life but SFU has the better academics. From what I’ve heard Victoria is boring when compared to Vancouver, I really need help in deciding as the deadline for accepting the offers for both unis are gonna be by may

1 Answer

  1. You won’t be doing any sailing from September to April when school is in session. It will be way too cold. As an engineering student I also question how much time you will have to sail anyway during school. Unless you are planning to stay for the summer I would eliminate that from your consideration. In terms of quality of education both schools will most likely be comparable but in terms of practical considerations SF’s Burnaby main campus is 90 minutes from Vancouver International Airport but Victoria is 4.5 hours away and you’ll have to take a ferry. Neither school is going to be in a large dense centre, but SF is much closer to Vancouver and easier to get to than is Victoria. SF is consistently ranked as the best comprehensive university.

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