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UTSC vs Ryerson [CS]

Hello. I have been accepted into UTSC’s Physical and Environmental Science Program (it was an alternate offer for CS). Today, I got an acceptance offer from Ryerson for CS. My question is should I accept that offer? I’m not sure if I’ll get the sufficient electives from UTSC to transfer into the CS stream in 2nd year.

3 Answers

  1. Here’s my advice. Take the Ryerson Computer Science. Going to UTSC at the program you don’t want with HOPES to transfer is not good. It is too risky and quite often the people who are given alternative programs for their original programs so they can declare their “post” at the end of the first year often do not get it. WHY? Because you need to have a competitive average for them to accept you in their program, AND, it is not guaranteed. The people who are already enrolled into the program will be given preference over you because they are already in the program. PLUS, if someone has a higher average than you and let’s say its another student transferring into comp sci and has an average greater than you by 2 percent, they would be picked before you. It is too risky. I would suggest you going to Ryerson and doing the best you can. If you want to still pursue computer science at a higher ranked school for this program, I suggest during your year at Ryerson to apply with your High School transcript and grades this December to a school you had not applied to. If you need a higher average, go to summer school to upgrade a mark or two or take a course online. Go to Ryerson (as your safety position) and remember to apply again this December. Hopefully next March through May (admission season) you will get into the school of your dream. And if you do not, you still have Ryerson to fall back on since you already are enrolled in it.

    Good Luck and Please do not be like those other people by not giving us an update on your choices. I would love to know your choice.


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