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UTSC Coop BBA or Ryerson Bcom with Coop

Hello, I got offers for both UTSC Coop Managment and Ryerson Accounting and Finance + Business Management. I just recently accepted my offer to UTSC, but am reconsidering because of the extremely high tuition and the additional coop fees plus additional fees. I am easily going to be paying 70k+ for a bba degree from UTSC,= and OSAP is not helping at all. But since there was coop, I was okay. However, Ryerson also has an option of doing coop and is much more affordable for me, and I heard it is also easier to maintain a high GPA in Ryerson compared to UofT in case I want to apply to graduate programs. My question is … Is Ryerson more or less worth it? Is Ryerson’s coop good in terms of job placements and is it easy/hard to get into?

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