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UTSC Co-op Management, UW AFM, or Laurier BBA?

i got into all three of the programs and i’m not quite sure which one i should pick. i used to be so set on afm but i’m concerned for automation and the decrease in demand for accounting in 5+ years. i’ve heard both positive and negative things of the program and i’m just not sure which to believe. the co-op is good and everything but like most say that you have to be sure you wanna go into accounting. as for utsc co-op management i like it bc of the coop and the mixture of business strands that it exposes you to and it’s also close to home. as for laurier, i heard the tuition is like half of what afm and co-op management and people end up in good jobs in the end. however, i’m just not sure if i like how you have to apply to their co-op at the end of first year that just seems a little risky to me. i appreciate any sort of advice, thanks!!

4 Answers

  1. Hey by any chance, could you say what your marks and how many supp-apps you put down on the application process? I want to apply for UTSC and Laurier next year and this would be very helpful! Thank you 🙂

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    • hey! my overall average is between high 80s to low 90s. laurier was actually the first program i got accepted to back in december and they based my admission from my top 5 gr 11 marks (low 90s) so i didn’t even end up finishing their supp app. as for utsc, the supp app was mandatory (called the supplementary application form, SAF) so they not only wanna make sure you have the marks for it, but seem “well rounded.” i would say if you have at least an average of 87%+ with semi decent supp answers you will be fine! remember quality over quantity and put thought into your answers. for some candidates, the supp app will actually be beneficial for the applicant and for some it’s not but it really depends on the effort u put into it. i would focus more on the utsc supp app rather than laurier bc if ur gr 11 marks are pre good you probably will receive an offer from laurier in december based on ur gr 11 marks :)) u of t doesn’t start giving out admissions until february. u can check out for more info

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  2. Automation is going to affect almost every industry, but accounting won’t be obsolete in the next 5 years, that’s way too early. Laurier BBA would probably provide you with the most opportunities, and rep matters for biz programs.

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  3. Waterloo AFM. The co-op is guaranteed and it is not just a good program for accounting, as many students I know landed good finance jobs out of it. Laurier BBA is a very large program with 1000+ students and only a quarter make it into co-op. UTSC management does not have the same weight as Laurier or Waterloo AFM and would be a tier below. I’d be taking Waterloo AFM if I were you, and rest easy knowing that the program has gained a reputation in the business world where it’s good even for finance jobs.

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