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UTSC Co-op Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics

Hi there,

I have just applied to university, with my top choice being Co-op Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics at UofT Scarb; my subject of interest of Statistics. They have it listed as high 80’s for both co-op/non co-op. which is surprisingly higher than St. George who’s asking for mid 80’s. Despite this, I have done my research and found that people with as low as low 80’s have gotten in. With this being said, how likely am I to get in with these marks?

Grade 11 Final marks:
ICS3U: 80
MCR3U: 93
HRT3M: 91 (I go to a Catholic HS)
HSP3U: 95
ENG3U: 91
BAF3M: 93
MHF4U: 96 (fast-tracked)

Grade 12 mid-terms (I still have time and am confident I can bring these up):
ICS4U: 68 (one class I have struggled with so far that I am getting worried about, but I believe I can still pull off anywhere from a 70-75)
MDM4U: 91
ENG4U: 85

Next semester:
MCV4U: 88-94 prediction
HRE4M: at least a 95
CIA4U: anywhere from 85-90

Thank you for reading through this. Have a good day and I look forward to hearing back from you,


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