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UTSC BBA or Schulich BBA?

I am having difficulty making a decision on what BBA program to accept for the September 2019 school year. I have been accepted into 3 BBA programs. These are at Laurier, UofT Scarborough, and Schulich. I have narrowed my options down to UofT and Schulich. UofT, besides the name being prestigious, has an excellent CO OP program. However, the tuition is almost 3x higher second year than the first year, and I would have to live on residence. Schulich is a competitive program with lots of international recognition but only allows for internships. The tuition is also significantly less and I would get to live at home. What should I choose?

2 Answers

  1. Kid, you really haven’t done much research have you? Laurier BBA coop is far superior to UTSC management coop. UTSC management is pretty mediocre and Tier 2 at best. Schulich is a far superior program and has a better reputation.

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