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UTSC Admission

Hi there,

I am a Grade 12 student who has just applied to university. My top choice is UTSC for Statistics, and that is where my question will stem from. I am in a bit of a tricky situation here, if you can help me clear it up that would be great. Last year I fast-tracked MHF 4U and got a 96, which is important since it’s a pre-requisite for my program. This year I have 3 courses/semester, for a total of 7 4U/M courses. But so far this semester I am struggling in ICS 4U with a 72, due to my horrible teacher who literally doesn’t teach and also due to the fact I am not good at programming. I cannot see myself getting over a 75, unfortunately. However, this class would be most beneficial to me for post-secondary and it’s too late to switch out or anything like that, but anyways…

In Grade 11, I finished with a 91 average, and is something I can see replicating for my other 5 4U/M courses. When U of T starts sending out offers in Feb, will they look at my low ICS 4U mark? Even though for sure this class will not be part of my top 6 4U/M courses,  since I am certain all my 2nd semester marks will be above the 70’s, will they still look at it just because it’s first semester, so they can look at as many Grade 12 courses as possible? I have an easier 2nd semester that I am sure I can average at least a 90 in. Or will they look at my top 6 marks from either Grade 11 and 12 (what I’m praying for)? This could be like my 3 highest Gr 11 marks with my 96 in MHF, along with my other two courses this current semester. I emailed UofT and I haven’t heard back yet, so I’m just wondering if you guys know. Thank you  for taking the time to read through this and I look forward to your response,


2 Answers

  1. 1) If they make early admission offers based off grade 11 courses then it's not an issue. 
    2) If they make early admission offers based off of a mix of grade 11 courses and grade 12 first semester marks, then yes they will include your ICS mark in your admissions average. 
    3) If they don't make early offers or if your average is not high enough based on the above they will defer you until they get your 2nd semester mid-term marks and reassess you again. 
    By that time you will have marks for 7 grade 12 courses (MHF from grade 11 year, 3 courses from 1st semester grade 12 which includes your ICS mark, and 3 marks from 2nd semester grade 12). Since you only need 6 they will drop the lowest 12 U/M non-prerequisite course. If that is your ICS mark then it won't be included in your admissions average. So long story short, as long as your other 6 grade 12 courses all have marks higher than your ICS mark, then it won't be included in your admissions average (which is the point of taking more than 6 grade 12 courses). You just might have to wait longer to get an offer (April/May).

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