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Utm, York, Laurier or McMaster?

Hi, I’ve been accepted to three amazing schools and I’m waiting to hear back from McMaster after midterms. I love what UTM, York, and Laurier have to offer but I’m stumped now to chose. I’ve applied for criminology at utm and york, and political science at mcmaster and laurier, as they don’t offer criminology at the campus i prefer. I like York’s program, but there’s the risk of strike by the time im in 3rd year. And I really like lauriers campus, but I’m not as passionate about politics compared to criminology. UTM appeals to me, but I’m scared it’s going to be too competitive and I know they have a high drop out rate. If you go to any of these uni’s, please lmk what your experience has been! Thank you so much!

3 Answers

  1. I would go to the cheapest school because it’s an arts degree and pretty useless in the job market. You’re going to need to pursue more schooling if you want to actually do anything useful with a crim or politics degree.

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