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Hey guys 🙂
I got my acceptance from york kin (BSc)  and york life sciences on Friday with a grade 11 average of 91% and so far in grade 12 is a 89%, just waiting on UTM now. But I was just wondering if I get acceptance from UTM should I go to UTM I’m kinda freaked out after hearing all the horror stories of undergraduate science programs at UofT campuses. My bio teacher really freaked me out she went to UTM and absolutely hated it because of the bell curve. 
My end goal is dentistry and would science at UTM be really hard and are the bell curves really that bad. People make it seem as if york marks super easy and science is much easier at york than it is at UTM. I’m not able to go to any other university because of commuting purposes and won’t be able to move out because of financial reasons, so realistically speaking I only have these two options. It would be great if someone could provide further insight into whether this is true or not. TYY!

And also if I go to york should I go to york kin (BSc) or york life sciences?

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