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UTM Commerce Admissions 2020

Anyone get into UTM commerce or McMaster Business 1 for 2020 so far? Please let me know and your average and when you got it! Also, does anyone generally know when they send out admission rounds? I currently have an 88.5 average with 82 ENG4U, 86 MHF4U, 90 BAT4M and 96 HFN4U. When can I expect to get in?

7 Answers

  1. I haven’t heard back from UTM Management yet but I got a conditional offer from McMaster Business 1 in December. My average is 95.5% currently. I heard UofT starts in early March.
    Good Luck xx

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  2. Hihi, I got admitted into Business 1 yesterday with a conditional offer. My first term average is 93.4 overall and 94 core. Waiting for UBC sauder! Best of luck to you!

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  3. Update: got accepted to MAC Business 1 on Feb 18 with a 91.66% gr12 sem 1 average and a 92% gr11 average

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