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UTM Accounting vs UBC Sauder Accounting

Hi, I am a second year student at UTM who has just finished his first year in sciences. I came to UTM for their Biomedical Physics specialist program but I am now pursuing accounting. Ideally, I would love to transfer to Rotman Commerce as I want to work in the Toronto area at a Big 4. However, they do not allow transfers from other campus’s. And as far as I know, the Big 4’s on-campus recruitments are only for Rotman students so I would not be allowed to attend. The thing is, I can apply to UBC Sauder as a second or third year student, and if I get in, landing an internship would be easier and I also get to save money since I can move back home as well as having cheaper tuition. However, I heard that the offices in Vancouver pays less than the offices in Toronto. So should I stay here or try my luck at transferring to UBC? TL;DR: UTM Accounting (location, already established somewhat of a network) or UBC Sauder (friends, home, cheaper tuition, target for Big 4)

1 Answer

  1. That’s a very short-sighted way of approaching things. Your degree is meant to set you up for the next 40-years in the workforce. An internship is only a few months long. The primary purpose of an internship is to gain experience in the field, it’s not about the pay. I would just stick to UTM because transferring is going to create a huge nightmare when it comes to differences in the curriculum and whether or not your completed credits will transfer over.

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