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[Urgent] Queens U Kines vs University of Calgary Kines help me make a deciscion

Looking for all the help I can get. In my first year and just started. Talked to my advisor about going to Queen’s for Kinesiology instead of University of Calgary. I’ve done so much research, but I still don’t know which one would be better and why. Trying to become a physiotherapist or chiropractor in the future. I got to make a decision soon because next Friday is the deadline and I am stressing so I appreciate any help given, thanks! I didn’t apply to any other universities because I thought that my family could not afford to so I applied the the university in my hometown. I knew I could’ve gotten in because my grades were not bad. Most core classes were all at 92%, only exception being English which I suck at.

2 Answers

  1. Just go to the cheapest one you can, dude. Don’t travel half way across the country for a program like this, kin is the same everywhere. Plus, physio and chiro are not direct-entry programs, you need further schooling for this. Concentrate on getting a high GPA, that’s what matters, not the school you attend for undergrad.

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  2. Hey. I created a new reddit community called r/CanadaUniversities. I would love for you to join. This is the first undergrad uni applications community for Canada.
    Additionally, if you are a high school student applying here and other universities across Canada, make sure to join this new community.

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