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Hello everyone, I was looking into universities this year, went to OUF (Ontario Universities Fair) and asked many questions. When it comes to nursing (my dream career). I have narrowed down to 3 universities: 1. Ryerson 2. York 3. McMaster I am a kinesthetic learner, I love doing hands on. I hate theory a lot, since we need to memorize a lot. When it comes to university, mostly we will have theory’s in nursing. I’m thinking whether which university would have a more hands on learning experience. Also plz give me tips on each university I listed above, how the nursing course works out, when the clinical placement starts, etc etc. I know that there isn’t a best nursing school, as all programs teach mostly the same content. But, in your opinions, just tell me which would be ur preferable choice from the above universities I posted. P.S: I live in Scarborough (in Toronto), so commuting would be a huge thing for me. Ryerson seems a good ride, York isnt bad, McMaster & would be farrrrr, so Idk what to say, if you all say McMaster is good, then I need to consider the travelling time & housing options. I am trying to stay with my parents, so that I don’t need to pay residence and meal plan fees. I’m a grade 11 student, I still have time, so its better if you kind ppl can help me. Sorry to make this post long. Once again, plz help me. Thanks & Regards, Kevin George

1 Answer

  1. First you need to see where you get in. These programs are hard to get into. You can’t commute from Scarborough to Hamilton every day for university. It’s not happening. You’ll find to live there if you want to go to school. You can read more about these programs in the respective reddit subs for these schools.

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