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UOttawa Residences

I am thinking of going to UOttawa next year for Joint Honors in Poly Sci/Public Admin, but I dont know what residence to pick. I for sure want my own bathroom or atleast a bathroom shared with a few people rather than a whole floor, but I am really into the social aspect and let me say I love partying. Although of course I intend to study and workhard, I want the option to party. From what I’ve heard Ottawa is super dull and I am hoping my residence choice can fix this. I was looking into the Annex building to share with a couple friends, but I havent seen any reviews cause its so recent. Any advice? Hows the party and social life there?

1 Answer

  1. If you want a bathroom I recommend either a suite or apartment. The annex is very nice but it’s not directly on campus (not sure if that matters), also it requires a 12month lease. 90u is suite style with a kitchenette, and a private bathroom shared between two people. Henderson is fairly new, it is two bedrooms joined by a bathroom, or 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. As far as partying goes, that is a hard question. The people in rez are different each year so the partying scene probably changes year to year. Keep in mind that the meal plans are EXPENSIVE and the food isn’t “fantastic”, so if you’re up to cooking it would be good to choose a residence with some kind of kitchen.

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