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UOIT Life Science Research Opportunities

I’m a grade 12 student currently. I’m really interested in attending UOIT’s life science program. The time to apply to unis is coming closer and closer. At the same time, I haven’t been able to connect with enough UOIT students to ask them about their experience. My biggest concern are the following:
  1. Are there research opportunities available for life science students? This program only has 300 students so I’m kind of curious if UOIT participates in research in the scope of biology.
  2. How is the social life? Are students the party type? Or, do they just study all day? I like the idea of joining one or two clubs and maintaining some form of a social life during university. Is that possible with the workload?
  3. How hard is it to achieve a good GPA. I knowww… terrible terrible question. But I’m really interested in going into medical school and I know that they are super strict in terms of their acceptance gpas. Nonetheless, I will work hard regardless of which university I attend. But, if I attend UOIT, I just want to know what to expect.
I know that not many people have completed this program but if you have any information, it would be a huge help for me and others with the same questions.      

3 Answers

  1. 1. The school is less than two decades old with a lower endowment than a homeless man. Even if they did research in bio, you wouldn’t get anywhere because they’re starved for funding.
    2. You’ll find party people and studious people at every university. You are what you make of it. And it also depends on your individual time management. Someone that procrastinates won’t get as far as someone that sticks to a rigid schedule.
    3. Life sci isn’t a cakewalk at any school. You’re going to have to work your @$$ off no matter where you study this. The truth is, the vast majority of students in life sci that apply to med school fail to get in, statistically speaking.

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