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UOIT Life Science Research Opportunities

I’m a grade 12 student right now and the time for applying to unis are getting closer and closer. I’m really interested in attending UOIT’s life science program. I heard that there are only 300 students in this program which I think is quite low. My focal concern being: are there research opportunities available to life science students? I absolutely love embarking on new things and doing labs. To give you perspective, I’m on my microscope for about 2 hrs a week. Is it competitive to participate in a research initiative within the scope of biology at UOIT since it is a smaller program? I know it’s going to be super hard to find a student that has completed this program but if you have any info, it would be a huge help to me and others with the same question. : )

3 Answers

  1. Most research positions are only available to grad students, bud. Someone in undergrad wouldn’t possess the necessary background to conduct independent research anyway. The only exception is for those in their senior year and have been approved to write an honours thesis, but this is dependant on your GPA.

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  2. Ahh, I understand now. However, are there opportunities for undergrad students to volunteer and help in ongoing research initiatives that are, perhaps, led by a prof? My sister did some research for a prof when she was in her second year at UTSC but I don’t know if this common at UOIT.

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