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UOIT Comp Sci

Is there any way I can get into the Comp Science program at Uoit ? I know the admissions are competitve but I’m mentally done in my current program. I had a first year GPA of 2.11 and a gr.12 average in the 70s. My gr 11 average were all in the 90s.

7 Answers

  1. Nope, impossible. You have a C+ average. That won’t make you competitive to transfer into any program anywhere. Your high school grades mean nothing once you step foot into university. Also, comp sci is notorious for its high dropout rate. Even if they were to admit a C+ student into the program, there’s an exponential chance that you will never graduate.

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  2. Just take a break. You don’t need to drop out or switch programs/schools altogether. It is perfectly fine to take a break from school if you are finding it difficult to cope.

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  3. You need to step back and really assess what you want to do instead of randomly throwing darts at a career. Your other post mentioned nursing. Nursing and comp sci are about as far apart as you can get. Just arbitrarily picking programs based on perceived employment isn’t going to help you raise your GPA.

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