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UOIT B.Ed after Schulich BBA.

Hi Everyone!
SO, long story short, I graduated from Schulich in 2017 with a 5.6 GPA (sigh, had lots of trouble during my first two years). So far I’ve been working as a Senior at Sephora teaching and training, and just realized I should apply to teaching school since Ive always loved teaching. I do have 3 years of experience teaching at Sunday School (from high school) and did go to a full-french school from Kindergarten to grade 12 (bilingual).

With that being said, I was hoping someone could answer a few of my questions to shed some light on what I’m planning for the next year for Fall 2020 Entry into Teaching School.

Here’s some further info: 
– I am extremely interested in the UOIT Consecutive B.ed. Secondary program, but also open to other options nearby.

My AVG in my best 10 full‑year or best 20 half‑year courses completed is a 7 on the dot (B+).
My GPA in 10 half-year courses (first teachable subject being Business, Obviously, which I believe falls under Math) is a 7.2.
Now, does Social Sciences (i.e. Psychology classes) count as a second teachable subject??
If so, my average in a second teaching subject in 6 half-year courses is a 6.67.

Thoughts? Advice? THankyouuu <3 

1 Answer

  1. Also, my avg in my final two years was a 6.0 on the dot.Avg in my last year was a 7.0. 

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