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University with a low English mark?

So I have a 79 in ENG3U as of now. I  moved here from Saskatchewan a couple of months ago and the way they teach English here is very different. I have gotten off to a slow start but I expect my mark may rise up to around an 85 by the end of the year. I was wondering how hard it would be to get into a good program with a low mark in ENG4U (like an 80-85). The program I am aiming for is Mac Health Sci or Western Med Sci. Here are my marks so far:
  • MCR3U – 99%
  • ICS2O – 100% (it was either this or law and I moved midway through the semester)
  • SBI3U – 97%
  • PPL3O – 89%
(rest are my current marks)
  • SPH3U – 98%
  • SCH3U – 97%
  • HSP3U – 97%
  • ENG3U – 79%
  Thanks for your time

4 Answers

  1. It’s a science program, dude. Obviously they’re going to place less of an emphasis on your English mark. Just focus on math and science courses.

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  2. LOL, so Saskatchewan isn’t in Canada and doesn’t teach English properly? And you want to go to Mac health sci?

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  3. McMaster did not emphasis on what your English mark should be. As long as you have 90%+ average and the prerequisite then your application will be looked at. McMaster’s Health Science program doesn’t release acceptances until early May so they may not take into account your grade 11 marks. However, i think you should do English 4U in the summer if you’re still worried. As for Med Sci at Western I don’t really have background knowledge on the program. However, they too release their acceptances in May. By then they won’t need to look at your grade 11 marks for admission as they have your first semester grade 12 and second semester midterm. The only thing to be wary about is your average. So long as you meet the requirements you may be considered.

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