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University of Toronto Worth it?

Hi Everyone,   I just wanted to get your opinions on whether or not going to the University of Toronto would be worth attending? Would an undergraduate degree be valued higher than from another Canadian University? Does it have any benefits that other Canadian Universities don’t?… I just wanted your opinion because if I accept my offer, tuition will be about $28,000 per year for me (including residence and living expenses). I just want to know whether or not it is worth the price tag?   Thanks!

3 Answers

  1. No. All undergrad degrees are pretty much valued equally across Canada as 99% of schools are publicly funded. Programs are more important than the brand of the institution.

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  2. The only programs that might be worth it are Engineering and Business. For all others it won’t matter.

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  3. This would greatly depend on your field of study as previously mentioned. The main advantage of UofT would be in its available funding. In terms of research funding UofT receives double that of the runner up.
    When it comes to Canadian schools they’re national accredited when it comes to engineering among other disciplines to ensure a acceptable education.

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