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University of Toronto party scene

Hey guys, 
I’m going to U of T in the fall, and was wondering about the party scene (not including clubs)..are there lots of house/dorm parties? What do people do at the parties? Just curious because I’m a Canadian but have done high school in the Caribbean where the party scene is soooo different from Canada…Let me know 🙂

7 Answers

  1. LMAOOO actually dying….okay so basically there are lots of parties? Just because I herd that U of T party scene is shit but I guess I'll just see when I get there 😛

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  2. there will probably be parties but dont expect a lot, UofT is known to have lots of studious students… dont think it really matters tho because you're in downtown toronto, there are 1000 things to do on a night out during the weekend even if there isn't a party. there are movie nights, clubs, bars, concerts, tourist attractions etc

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