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University of Toronto – Engineering Q&A

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well given the current events. I am finishing my first year at the University of Toronto in their Engineering Science program and wanted to offer everyone a chance to ask my questions about anything. Leave yours questions and I’ll be sure to get back to you. -Chase

6 Answers

  1. Hi there! What is it like to study at U of T? I am in grade 11 and U of T used to be my dream university because of its reputation. But now, I think of U of T as very competitive, so there would be a lack of community support among students and professors. Apologies if my assumptions are wrong! I understand that each individual has their own unique experience at a university. Thank you so much! 🙂

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    • Hey Jolee,

      Also an engsci here. UofT definitely has the reputation. I chose engsci over waterloo mostly cause of its prestige. I won’t lie and say it’s not competitive, because it is. Your grades will drop alot, and stress will weigh you down. I believe the student community depends on your program. While I can’t comment on some science programs or arts/humanities, I can say about the following (keep in mind they are generalities collected from experience):

      – In Engsci, the community is absolutely incredible. Because of the small size of classes and the program overall, upper years are extremely helpful. There is a huge group chat of everyone in my year where we share notes or answers to problems etc. A google drive is there for textbooks so you never really need to purchase them

      – In general eng, the community is alot larger, but I think most people are still quite friendly to each other. My friends in t1 and mech eng report the same helpful group chats and whatnot. However, if you do choose ece for pey, the competitiveness will catch up to you.

      – In lifesci, the community can be very competitive. It’s important to find a good friend group, people you can trust. Students scramble for research positions and alot of back-stabbing happens. I’ve heard stories where instead of stealing a vacant laptop, they delete your notes and work just to screw you over. Though it definitely does not represent the lifesci community as a whole, the pressure for med school and research does get into people’s heads.

      – In compsci, first year is a nightmare. Everyone’s scrambling for post, so it is very competitive. I’ve heard that post requirements (in terms of academic avg) have been lowered this year and supplemented with an application where you fill out ec’s/hackathons. After 1st year tho, you’re just vibin…until you have to fight for co-op that is.

      For the most part eng community is pretty strong, and I think it’s better than waterloo community from what I’ve heard.

      In general for engineering, if you’re considering grad school or professional school like law or med, uoft is good, especially if you can keep your grades up. If you’re just trying to get a job when you graduate, something with a stable salary, then waterloo and its stronger coop may be better.

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  2. I got into TrackOne this year and I want to go into ECE. I heard first year is really hard at UofT and that ECE is one of the hardest programs. I’m a student from Alberta, and I’m did Calc, Chem, and Bio AP courses. How competitive is the program? Is it possible to find a good job with a lower GPA? Also, I looked online and a lot of people say that Waterloo eng is better because of their Co-op program, but is it actually true? They all say that UofT eng is a research program but a lot of graduates end up unemployed.

    Thank you for doing this I’m really stressing out about the future !!!!

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