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University of Toronto

I am in grade 11 now, and year is almost over. I worry about my grade 11 mark average. I think I will have average about 70 out of 8 courses which is terrible. I want to go UofT to study any course about engineering. if I got great mark on grade 12, is it possible to me go UofT? if it is what average do i need for grade 12. some people say university does not look grade 11, and some people say they do.

3 Answers

  1. You need to be brutally honest with yourself before you put down tens of thousands of dollars and risk having it flushed down the throne. If you can only manage a B- average in high school, what make you think you’ll be able to succeed in something as demanding as engineering in university?

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  2. Do you know why your marks are that low? If there are other circumstances, it could be possible, but if you’re already doing your best then maybe engineering isn’t for you if the best you can manage is a 70 average. I would recommend you look into programs that aren’t so demanding that still interest you.

    Universities do not typically look at your grade 11 marks, so if you somehow turn your marks around by grade 12 you should be fine.

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  3. Listen! Grade 11 marks matter for EARLY ADMISSION, SOMETIMES! There are many programs that won’t give you early admissions, even if you’re an A plus student in grade 11. Try your best in grade 12. I suggest stop talking to some people because at least with me I get very high marks when I don’t talk to people and when I am only focused on Academics. If you ant, you can private school a few courses but it all depends on the field you’re going into. Go do a course in summer school, so if you don’t do well on that at least you’ll have background information so when you re-take it in day school you’ll be ahead of the game. Also, stop stressing. When I stress too much I don’t do well. See or talk to someone about your worries and anxiety. Also remember, try t not get into any drama or problems in your last year of high school. That really impacts your learning. I hope inshallah (God Wiling) you get into UofT engineering. Just be aware of how hard UofT is, and also DO NOT GIVE UP! Annoy your teachers to teacher you the lesson in a simple way. If you’re teacher is being a crap and marking too mark, change your class by taking the course with someone else or just private school or online school the course. People may say that private school may be a disservice but realistically it is a disservice for the teacher to make it impossible for kids to get into their programs.

    Good luck and when admission seasons come back again (March through May) I hope to hear an update.

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