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University Application OUAC Question

Hello, I am wondering what exactly I would submit when I apply to university through the OUAC website. Also, I would like to know what would happen if I were to submit an application using first semester grade 12 & grade 11 marks and later receive the marks for the second semester grade 12 courses; would OUAC update my grades with the new marks or no? Thanks

4 Answers

  1. Uh, no sh!t OUAC would update the marks if you have newer grades. Why wouldn’t they?

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  2. Your guidance counsellor will be providing you with a log on id for OUAC in around Oct/Nov. Once you receive that you set up an account and indicate what programs you want to apply to. Your guidance counsellor will submit an initial summary of your completed grade 11 & 12 courses (grade 11), grade 12 courses in progress (grade 12 1st semester), and grade 12 courses you are still scheduled to take (grade 12 2nd semester) to OUAC. After that they will send 2 marks updates, 1 in February with your 1st semester final marks and then in late April with your 2nd semester midterm marks. OUAC will forward your grades to the relevant universities that you have indicated you wish to apply to with your initial application and then each time they get a marks update from your school. The universities will look at your transcript and decide which marks are relevant for consideration for admission for the specific programs you have indicated on your OUAC application. When they get your initial marks submission from OUAC they will contact you by email and request that you set up an account on their admissions portal.

    If a program make early offers they may make it based on your grades from the initial submission (November/December/January) or 1st marks updates (February/March/April). Others will wait until they have your 2nd semester midterm marks and not make any offers until May. Those schools that do make early offers will still reserve the bulk of their decisions until they get 2nd semester midterm marks so it’s not a problem if your combination of grade 11 & 12 marks is not high enough to get an early offer. You will be reconsidered in May when they get your 2nd semester marks.

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