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Univeristy of Waterloo AFM Chance of Acceptance

Hey guys,
I’m a grade 12 student that’s interested in applying to University of Waterloo’s AFM program for Fall 2019. I was wondering if I could have some advice about my chances of getting accepted realistically or should I be focusing more on other programs.
I have a 94.5% grade 12 average so far. I am a member of the my school’s basketball, swimming, and rugby team. I am a member of two choirs and music council at my school. I was also on my school’s student council last year. Outside of school I have a part time job, I volunteer at a church nursery, and I go to a youth group. 
Thank you for your advice

1 Answer

  1. First-year AFM student speaking:
    You should be more than fine with the grades you have to receive an offer of admission from UWaterloo's School of Accounting and Finance. Be aware though- many applicants with high averages but a poor AIF received a deferred offer to Math/CPA. Make sure your AIF is coherent and well-thought. 
    In terms of focusing on other programs, where do you want to end up? I know this is an early time to ask you, but if you are looking for a more well-rounded business education then AFM is not the right program for you. AFM is a great program if want to pursue a career in accounting or finance; contrary to what many believe of AFM being an accounting-focused program, the program has developed a solid foundation for the finance side of its offerings as of recently. I'd still highly recommend Ivey or Queen's for hardcore finance if you are into that.

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