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UBC Waitlist 2020

Hello everyone, let’s share what program you got waitlisted to, your average, and the date you’ll hear back by. I’m feeling really hopeless right now because I don’t know anyone else that got waitlisted too. Anyways, I got waitlisted at Arts with a 92% average (3.7-3.8 gpa) and will hear back by May 30.

10 Answers

  1. I applied for BSc (Vancouver) as my first choice and BIE as my second. I got waitlisted for my first choice, instead, they offered me admission to the Okanagan campus (They added it as a third choice). I fear they waitlisted me because of my poor physics grade, though I have a strong personal profile.

    Do any of you have a rough idea of the number of applicants that apply to BIE?

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  2. I got waitlisted for my first choice which was science but I got into arts with an 87% average in grade 11 and 88% in grade 12 (first semester). They said I would be notified before or on May 30th.

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  3. got waitlisted for UBC arts with a 92% average. My status says i should be hearing back before or on May 30th.

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  4. i got waitlisted for my first option kin and second option arts. my avg is 82% and status says i should be hearing back before or on May 30th

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  5. I just got into waitlist for BASc(first choice) with the average 94%. They said I will hear back before May 30. Also my second choice in BSc is still evaluating.

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  6. Hey guys, I got waitlisted for my first choice – Sauders Commerce few days ago. They also said I will be updated on or before May 30. However, they did give an offer for my 2nd choice – arts. I’ve applied with an average of 95% for both term 1 and 2 with a fair personal profile. Im literally freaking out coz idk anybody that got waitlisted by Sauders. Making things worse, I haven’t received anything from Rotman(UofT St. George) and Western Ivey…

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  7. I am waitlisted for arts and i will hear before may 31. Did anyone get off the waitlist?!

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