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UBC video interview

Hi, I am an international student. I received an invitation to participate in the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences admission interview, so I researched to see WHAT IS IT? But the I can only find the Qs for BCom!!! Could anyone plz give me some tips or even what the questions are?

5 Answers

  1. The interview is probably only for this year since there is only an interview for bcom in the previous years, because of the coronavirus I think they are adjusting their quotas of international students. They have to determine if those international students will be able to come here. No one knows what the questions are. Btw I’m a domestic student in BC, and I was also invited to do an interview for UofT.

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  2. Is the interview being conducted in-person or virtually? If they’re flying you out, good luck with that. The border closes for non-essential travel to foreigners starting midnight today.

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