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UBC Sauder v UofT Rotman v Queens Commerce

Hi I’m an international student and I have been admitted into Sauder, Rotman and Queens Commerce. I am looking at pursuing either consulting or marketing in the future.  I wanted to know how all three schools are for employment opportunities (most probably consulting/ marketing). I’ve heard great things about the Queen’s program but I’m not too sure about it since there aren’t many international students there. Just wanted to know how Rotman and Sauder stack up against Queen’s commerce in terms of employment opportunities or if I didn’t have Queens which of the other two would be better. Thanks in advance!

3 Answers

  1. dont know much bout sauder, dont go to uoft unless ur planning to find work internationally. id say commerce is the best for working in canada. out of all 3, id still pick commerce personally

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  2. Ivey and Queen’s are the best undergraduate business schools in Canada. Rotman and Sauder pales in comparison. Go to Queen’s. Yes, Rotman/U of T will have more diversity because it is located in Toronto, but is that more important to you than attending the best program? If you’re paying international student fees, I’d want to go to the program with the best job prospects. Recruitment for consulting out of Rotman and Sauder is almost non-existent. To have a chance, you need to go to Queen’s or Ivey. For marketing, you don’t even need a degree as people with college diplomas go into marketing – so the school you attend is less relevant. But overall, take your best offer – which is Queen’s commerce by a mile.

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  3. Queen’s, obviously. If you’re aware of the business school rankings before you applied, you would already know that this is an obvious choice.

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