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Hello guys. Did any one who was waitlisted to UBC science received email or update on the SCC. I did not see any post on this blog mentioning if anyone received any reply from UBC. Is UBC going to send admission reply to waitlisted student on exactly 15 May. If you received any reply please share.

14 Answers

  1. Did not receive anything yet. My status still the same. Iam checking the SCC 3-4 times every day

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  2. Anyone else waitlisted till May 15th get sauder yet? I'm hoping they send a lot out on the 15th, still waiting as an Ontario student with a 92 and pretty good EC's I think

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  3. Soooo excited!!  Just got accepted to Sauder today! I was the one above waitlisted until May 15. 🙂

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  4. I'm waitlisted till the 15th and the day went by and it still says wait till the 15th…:/

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