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UBC conditional offer

Hi , I’m an international student from India and I was accepted into the applied science program at UBC Vancouver after being placed on the waitlist for some time . My conditional offer stated that I need to score at least 85 % in my final grade 12 exams( board exams) to receive an unconditional offer . However I could score only 83.5 % which is 1.5 % off . Will UBC surely revoke my offer of admission ? I would like to mention that my final applying average in grade 12 was 87.4 percent and my grade 11 average was 74 percent. I think my personal profile was decent and I made my intentions and interests very clear. What are the chances that UBC will not revoke my offer ?

1 Answer

  1. If you fail to meet their minimum threshold outlined in the offer letter, then yes, they have every right to revoke it.

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