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UBC BCom w/ Scholarship vs Ivey AEO status?

I got accepted into Sauder School of Business and I acquired my Ivey AEO status. I also got a scholarship from UBC. The thing is, Ivey Business School is regarded as the best business program in Canada and that Ivey students have better opportunities to work for some of the best firms, banks, etc. in the world like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.  Would you say the same thing for UBC? Should I give up my AEO status for UBC especially when I am getting a scholarship? What do you think?

2 Answers

  1. Ivey is a 2 year program. You have to maintain a very high average in your first 2 years in order to maintain your AEO status. Do you think you can do that? Do you want to spend your first 2 years studying something else? If you do not maintain your AEO status and don’t make it into Ivey in the general pool will you be ok just doing BMOS or completing your degree in another area? UBC seems to be the less risky proposition. Also I wouldn’t underestimate the value of a scholarship given how expensive these programs are.

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  2. Go to Ivey. It’s a better business school, arguably the best school in Canada, and the #1 Canadian target school for Wall Street companies, Queen’s commerce may be close as well.

    Maintaining an 80% in your first two years at Western isn’t that difficult. Almost all AEOs maintain their status.

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