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UAlberta vs. UWaterloo: Chemical Engineering

Hi everyone,  I will be applying to a few universities as an international student. I am in the dilemma of deciding which is best for undergrad chemical engineering, UoA or UW. This dilemma of course taking into considerations the tuition, housing, city life, academic life, coop, and job prospects. I know these things take into consideration my plans, but if possible, I would like to get an accelerated masters (not saying I have the witts for that). If that’s not possible, I can very likely join the industry after undergrad or return to my home country to help develop it in both cases of Unis… From what I know: UoA:  -Is extremely affordable for a 3rd world aspiring student with engineering first year costing approx. $30k CAD as of 2019.  -Is really cold, but has many indoor activities which makes up for it. -Has affordable housing and a great city and student life with maintainable GPAs. -Great overall engineering school with many job opportunities in oil and sands. -I also noticed the computer process option but I’m not sure about how the coop stands at UoA. UW: -Has enormous prestige and is great for job opportunities right after undergrad.  -Is double the tuition of UoA for first year at approx. $70k CAD first year, but not entirely unreasonable as it’s coop offers amazing worldwide opportunities and pretty much can cover a portion of the tuition. -City and student life seems decent with many things to do and is near Toronto but I can see endless books and library hours to maintain an average GPA of 2.6+/- Initially, I was really into Waterloo because of how amazingly it is marketed, but ultimately, I’d just like some advice whether it would be worth it going to UW as I’ve already done 2 years at my 3rd world national University to get an Associate in Chemistry Math and Physics and dreaming about going to UW… and to do a whole Bachelors would take an additional 5 years, not to mention the cost that would be incurred; Because of the enormous tuition, I’m really considering UoA as my top pick because I don’t want to burden my family with tuition.  Any advice given would be greatly appreciated!

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