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U of T- Victoria College Residences

So I wanted to know the differences between Margaret Addison Hall and Annesley Hall, what are the pros and cons of each and which would is better in terms of social experience?

2 Answers

  1. Obvious difference is co-ed vs all-female. If you're looking for parties and whatnot, don't go to Annesley. People end up at Annesley because either 1) they specifically want an all-female res or 2) they got screwed by the lottery.

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  2. Adv
  3. What do you prefer for a 'social' experience? Obviously it could change any given year, but lately Marg Ad = party, Annesley = the sort of girly movie-watching, yoga stuff you might expect of an All-Girls residence (Yes, stereotype. Yet true nonetsheles).

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