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U of T, UBC Politics

Hi I’m currently an international student from Korea who will be becoming grade 12 in one of the secondary school in Vancouver. 
I’d like to apply for UBC, U of T, McGill next year for Political Science. I will be taking 
 English 12, Calc 12, History 12, Geography 12, Film and TV Production 12, etc. 
 1. What average am I supposed to get for these 3 universities in order to get in? 
 2. How much do I have to get for English 12? 
 3. After doing undergrad, I’m planning to do grad school, majoring Media Communications. Do you think is it a good choice to take Political Science for undergrad and media for grad? (I want have a job something related with News.)

2 Answers

  1. Bad idea man. Do you have Canadian citizenship? You're literally blowing 100-200k for a useless undergraduate degree in social sciences that has very weak employment prospects in North America. 
    Figure out what field you want to work in and where ASAP. If your goal is to work in the media industry then there are FAR CHEAPER AND EASIER WAYS to do it than 4 years pol sci + 2 years masters in media communications. Utterly ridiculous. What do they tell these kids in China, that North America is full of leprechauns throwing gold coins on every street corner? 
    Richard, I have many friends who are international students, and with the exception of one who is in law school, the rest of them regret coming to Canada. Here is what you need to know. 60-65% of the Canadian population now has a university degree. Take for that what you will. Doing a pol sci degree in Canada does not make you a special snowflake. Research the Canadian economy and education system. It is NOT the same as other countries. 

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